Fleece patterns are endless.  Just a few samples are seen here. Make a request and Tied2Hope will make a blanket for you.


Instructions for making a blanket

  1.  Select two coordinating colors or designs of fleece fabric, each 2 yards long.  Look for coupons online before purchasing fabric, especially if you are planning to shop at Joanne’s. 

  2. Lay the two pieces of fleece, wrong sides facing, on top of each other.

  3.  Using a dinner plate or similar circular item, lightly trace a rounded line on each corner of the blanket.  Trim the corner off both pieces of fleece so your blanket will have nice round corners

  4. Moving around the edges of the blanket, use sharp scissors to make approximately 4” long cuts approximately every 2”.  These are the tabs you will tie together to join the blanket.

  5. Tie each pair of tabs together with a single overhand knot.

  6.  Work your way all around the edges of the blanket, tying each pair of tabs together, until both pieces of fleece are completely tied together.

  7. You’re done!  

You may contact us and let us know you have a blanket to donate, and we will arrange to pick them up, or you may drop them off at the front office of Dr. Phillips High School, to the attention of Madison Bryant c/o Tied2Hope.

Thank you so much for your help.  Every blanket or donation of time and/or money is very much appreciated.


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